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Efficient facts and figures

  Kings of efficiency  
  • Buses and coaches are vital contributors to public transport, tourism, job creation, the economy, better social cohesion and justice, energy savings, a cleaner environment and road safety.

  • Buses and coaches are central to smooth multi-modality, taking commuters and travelers from their point of departure to final destination, connecting planes, trains, boats, helicopters and even hovercrafts.

  • More people commute by bus than all other forms of transport in the UK!

  • More than 5 billion bus journeys are made in the UK each year!

  • 1 billion bus trips are taken to work each year in the UK alone.

  • Buses are the number one choice for commuters in Greater Manchester!

  • In Europe, buses and coaches provide 55% of public transport, while railway, trams and metros together account for 45%.

  • Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) can efficiently move a large amount of people within a big city for 1/10th the cost of a subway with related infrastructure!
  Job creators  


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  Economy boosters


  Lifelines to work and school

  • Millions of students worldwide use buses each day to connect with their education or training.

  • National education systems worldwide rely heavily on bus and coach transport for educational trips, school bus services, sports outings, etc. whereas with billions of day excursions, weekend and educational trips, plus vacation trips to all kind of destinations, buses and coaches help provide essential income for many tourist towns and remote sites!

  • More than 50% of students in the UK are frequent bus users and depend on the bus to get to their education or training.


  Socially inclusive  
  • Without buses and coaches, many people, including those who do not or cannot drive, would face a dramatic curtailment of economic and leisure opportunities.

  • In Europe, 50% of elderly people (50 million) do not have a car or cannot drive, and rely on buses and coaches for cultural and tourist destinations or simply to run their errands.

  • An Apprenti’Bus in France offers mobile workshops for reading, arithmetic and oral and written expression!

  • The Santa Bus gives back to the community by bringing food and money to those who need it most!

  • The Theatre bus in Spain brings the theatre to local neighbourhoods!

  • The world's first design museum bus brings culture to communities.
  Group travel =  maximum efficiency  
  • Buses and coaches provide maximum efficiency when travelling in a large group.

  • The world's longest bus is more than 30 metres long and can carry 256 passengers!

  • The World's largest bus measures in at over 25 metres long and can carry up to 300 passengers!






















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