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1. Doubling the use of buses and coaches - Practical solutions

Practical Solution



A study that provides practical solutions for businesses and policy makers to achieve the objective of doubling the use of buses and coaches.

 practical solutions.pdf (1.2 MB)
2. Stockholm's Coach Management Policy (Winner of the IRU City Trophy 2009)
Practical Solution A report on the Coach Management policy of the IRU City Trophy 2009 winner: Stockholm. The European Green City Capital adopted number of measures to achieve sustainable development in transportation that respects the environment and provides economic growth and employment opportunities.
  stockholm management policy.pdf (847.1 KB)         Visit the website

3. Bus and coach driver’s eco-driving checklist

Eco Driving ECO-driving is not only an easy and cost efficient way to reduce fuel consumption, greenhouse gases and accident rates, but also an attitude and respect for society as a whole. In order to help drivers adjust their driving behaviour according to different situations, the IRU has developed this checklist of smart, smooth and safe ECO-driving techniques.
 Eco-Driving safety.pdf (814.3 KB)

4. Bus and coach driver’s safe-driving checklist

Driver Safety Checklist  

Professionally driven coaches are involved in fewer road accidents per km travelled than other vehicles. However, coach drivers need to drive in a responsible manner at all times and show professionalism by anticipating and forgiving stupid and unsafe behaviour by other road users.  In order to help the drivers adapting their behaviour, the IRU has developed this checklist.

 The Coach driver's Checklist.pdf (396.8 KB) 
5. Bus and coach Safety Programme
Safety Programme The IRU safety programme regroups number of recommendations related to safety issues for bus and coach construction as well as requirement for all bus and coach operators.
 IRU Bus and Coach safety programme.pdf (83.5 KB) 
6. Checklist on safe driving in tunnels


Safe driving in tunnels  

In order to enhance road safety in tunnels, the IRU has developed this checklist to help coach and truck drivers adjust their behaviour according to different situations.

 Checklist on safe driving in tunnels.pdf (330 KB)
 7. Checklist against fire in buses and coaches


Checklist against fire In order to prevent fire on vehicles, the IRU has worked out a checklist of recommended periodical inspections to be integrated in the maintenance performance activities of the transport operations. Vehicles maintenance on a regular basis can ensure early identification of vehicle problems and defects likely to cause a fire.
 Checklist against fire in buses and coaches.pdf (979.6 KB) 

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