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Smart Move in a few words

Our idea is simple. We would like to see bus and coach use doubled worldwide.


Why? Because buses and coaches are the safest, most environmentally-friendly, affordable, user-friendly and efficient way to move lots of people from here to there.


Bus and coach are the best all-in-one transport solution for fighting climate change, improving road safety, connecting with other transport modes, supporting social inclusion and reducing congestion on roads, at minimum costs to tax payers.


And it also brings huge economic benefits to communities!


But some people still aren’t convinced. So we’re spreading the word to politicians, mass media and the public that buses and coaches are the best solution for current mobility challenges facing modern societies, in the hope that appropriate policies and incentives are put in place to support this shift in our mobility behaviours.


How big is Smart Move?


Global. National. Regional. Local. Individual.

All of the above.


Smart Move was launched jointly by the IRU and Busworld in October 2009.
It is endorsed by 104 committed partners around the world: leading industry organisations, vehicle manufacturers and media, as well as thousands of bus or coach operators and individual supporters, who all share the Smart Move values and goals.



Who should make the Smart Move?


In short: everyone.


You, your neighbour, your friends and family, celebrities and basically anyone who would like to make a difference in their community, by showing policy makers that a sustainable transport solution does exist and is in high demand.


Populations are getting bigger, which means more traffic and pollution. Combined with globalisation, it also means increasing mobility needs due to these societal changes, as well as an urge for more energy efficient technologies and mobility patterns.


You may not know it, but governments around the world are actively looking for new ways to increase safety on their roads, reduce damage done to the environment and meet their citizens’ needs with the least amount of time and money. But they don’t think of buses and coaches enough when designing their policies.


That is why everyone should make the Smart Move.


The more people take the bus, the more politicians will listen. The more politicians listen, the more bus and coach services will improve.


It is the story of the chicken and the egg. Which one are you?

Make the Smart Move now and experience how actions speak louder than words!



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