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IRU Bus Excellence Award

Romanian company, Societatea de Transport Public (STP) SA Alba Iulia, wins IRU Bus Excellence Award 2013 for significant investments in a green and comfortable vehicle fleet accessible to people with special needs, and for its punctual schedule, integrated ticketing system, and customer satisfaction and information policy.

The jury rewarded STP SA Alba Iulia for its outstanding and comprehensive quality policy, that fulfils all the objectives of the Smart Move campaign and will, without a doubt, inspire and constitute a model for many companies in the region.

“Public transport in Alba Iulia gives each citizen the possibility to have an active social life, access to work, education, authorities and public services even if they do not own a car, regardless of race, religion or income. Our routes cover the whole city so that our travelers can arrive wherever they want, whenever they want. Although our company is 100% private, we consider ourselves to be a public service for the city, having the mission to permanently increase transport service quality for passengers.”


Stelian Nicola, General Manager of STP SA Alba Iulia

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stp-alba-iulia-romania.pdf (2.3 MB)


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IRU Coach Tourism Innovation Award

Danish coach company Papuga A/S awarded IRU Coach Tourism Innovation Award 2013, for highly innovative and affordable coach-cycle road tour concept "Let’s Cycle Together".


The "Let’s Cycle Together" concept from Papuga A/S was appreciated by the international jury as a highly innovative product, significantly contributing to targeting and attracting customers from different socio-economic backgrounds and age groups to the more traditional coach tours market. By implementing this innovative and affordable product, Papuga’s offer managed to stand out as a relevant service in the rapidly evolving modern tourism industry.


"Over the past 10 years, the cycling sport has evolved tremendously in Denmark and is the fastest growing sport in the country. The concept is intended for recreational cyclists, who want more than just a Sunday stroll in local neighborhoods, while getting a social experience. The whole concept has had a positive impact on our core business and created many new customers who have not previously ordered transport from Papuga A/S. I am very happy and proud that the concept has become a reality and has gained recognition."


Carsten Papuga, Manager of Papuga A/S


Read the "IRU Coach Tourism Innovation Award 2013" winner's application file



papuga-as.pdf (1.4 MB)


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IRU City Trophy

The IRU City Trophy 2013 was awarded today to the city of Skopje, the capital of the FYR of Macedonia, for its overall ambitious policy to promote group tourism by coach as an integral part of the city’s public transport system.


The international jury was impressed by the strong political leadership and "heart and soul" put into the City of Skopje presentation by all those contributing to determinedly implement the city’s pro-active and pro-coach mobility policy, which considerably promotes the profile of buses and coaches, both with local citizens and visitors.


"Skopje has, during recent years, been intensively committed to enhancing the touristic offer, promoting organised guided tours with sightseeing buses, as well as bringing all touristic destinations in Skopje and its surroundings closer to visitors. We will continue in the same direction. I would like to convey my sincere invitation to all passersby to visit Skopje and create unforgettable moments."


Koce Trajanovski, Mayor of Skopje



Read the "IRU Coach Tourism Innovation Award 2013" winner's application file


skopje_iru_city_trophy_application_2013.pdf (11.9 MB)


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