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Provide security and protection

Coach terminals often operate 24-hours a day and are placed where people congregate, especially during peak hours. That is why terminal operators together with the local police, should offer security and protection to terminal users to fight violence and to reduce criminality.


Some of the measures to increase security in terminals are video surveillance, the presence of security officers, first aid offices, fire security and other preventive measures.


For more information:

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Security cameras

Permanently installed security cameras in buses, coaches and stations allows for rapid intervention in case of emergency and increases the number of passengers who feel safe when travelling by collective means of transport. 


Joint programes and policy initiatives

Close co-operation between operators and the police, together with more human presence lead to a decrease in vandalism and violence in collective/public transport.


Lighting stops to make passengers feel secure

The instalment of bright lights at bus and coach stops, in combination with security cameras, increases passengers’ comfort and makes them feel more secure.


Example: At the “Park Lane” bus & coach station in Sunderland, which is used 19- hours a day, new lights were installed and their functionality is controlled on a regular basis.


For more information:

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