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October is definitely bus and coach month! See for yourself: the 8th IRU European Bus & Coach Forum is just around the corner, and will take place at this year's Busworld Kortrijk in Belgium, where you will also learn about Busworld's new Academy and its inaugural seminar. The new public-private Citizen's Mobility Forum will also take off this month, as a follow-up to the recommendations of the EU public-private Smart Move High Level Group, published last May. As if that wasn't enough, the European Coach and Bus Week will unveil future technological developments within the industry and their possible impact on mobility, just before we reward the best bus company, the coach-friendliest city and the most innovative coach tourism initiative in the world at the Busworld opening ceremony.


Finally, we'll introduce you to the winner of the UK Bus Driver of the Year competition - no ordinary winner! - and his lasting committment to safety, something that German bus and coach operators are happy to shout about too, and you will discover who has made the smartest move this summer and won the Smart Move photo competition. We have the latest news for you, so get reading!


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8th IRU European Bus and Coach Forum only 8 days away!

In just 8 days 250 representatives will be attending the 8th IRU European Bus and Coach Forum at Busworld Kortrijk, Belgium, the launch of the European Citizens Mobility Forum, the first Busworld Academy Seminar focusing on technical aspects of the bus and coach industry, and to meet the winners of the Smart Move 2013 Awards.





European Coach and Bus Week is redefining industry technical standards

24 September 2013

The biannual European Coach & Bus Week (ECW) immediately preceding Busworld Kortrijk has been given a makeover for this year's edition and will see the introduction of five new 'labels' to recognise Safety, Ecology, Comfort & Ergonomics, Styling & Design - an excellent Smart Move!

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Bus driver of the year - A cut above the rest

08 September 2013

Perceptions of bus drivers are often not positive ones, but this year's winner of the UK’s bus driver of the year is a perfect example of the diversity and professionalism that exists within the industry.


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German officials confirm that buses are the safest mode of transport

25 September 2013

With 99% of an inspected bus fleet passing with flying colours, the latest report from German vehicle inspectorate, TÜV, has yet again shown what we already know – buses are the safest form of transport.


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To attract urban investment, build a bus line

01 October 2013

Building a bus line can help a city get the most bang for its buck when it comes to attracting development according to a new report that compares 21 cities.


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Smart Move co-organises meet & greet with new partner Busbud

24 September 2013

Smart Move organises meet & greet event with new partner Busbud – the Canadian startup that is quickly rising to become the worldwide leader in online bus ticket sales.

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Meet the winners of our "Take a smart shot" photo contest

30 September 2013

The Smart Move “Take a smart shot” photo contest gave participants the chance to share the benefits of buses and coaches with their social networks by making the Smart Move bus travel all around the world. The contest was a success and even saw the bus travel as far as India! Now, it’s time to meet the winners.


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…that 25 modern buses and coaches make no more noise than one built in 1980?

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Smart cards are better value say customers

Smart cards are gaining popularity with customers and operators and 

contribute to higher customer satisfaction!


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8th IRU European Bus and Coach Forum on "European group tourism by coach: Driving seniors’ and off-season tourism" in Kortrijk, Belgium on 17 October, in partnership with Busworld.


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